Check Out Our Rave Reviews

Check Out Our Rave Reviews

We don’t like to brag, but we are so proud of the rave reviews of what some of our customers have to say about My Jam! We are extremely thankful to every one of them who have taken the time to give us their feedback and have helped us to receive a 5-Star rating. To see all of our reviews simply read on!

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My Jam
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 24 reviews
by James W on My Jam
I Like Jam Now Because Of This!

I've never been a huge jam fan so I can't speak as a jam aficionado. However, if, like me, you've never had it, I would recommend this as the one that will fundamentally change how you perceive jam as the flavours offered simply work that well. You need to try and buy this. No really.

by Carrie on My Jam

My Jam is the best Jam I have EVER tasted. I have gone through three pots recently because I have enjoyed it so much! The blueberry jam is my fave but actually am a big fan of both! Really amazing for breakfast on toast or as an afternoon snack with oatcakes or as a healthy treat after dinner.

by gillian martin on My Jam
Healthy jam!!!

Love My Jam! At last a jam that is actually healthy with no refined sugar but tastes amazing. I am eating it on everything - toast, oatcakes, porridge, overnight oats. Addicted to the blueberry but love all the flavours!!

by Lee MacGregor on My Jam

Wow, this jam is seriously delicious! It's so good, you could almost eat it on its own straight from the jar!!!

by Sofi on My Jam
Fantastic jam and sugar free!

I must admit that I was sceptical about jam with no sugar but My Jam has really pulled it off. Both of the jams taste of what it says on the jar and they really tingle your taste buds. I highly recommend these jams and look forward to more flavours at some point!?

by Assem Idrees on My Jam
Best Jam

This is the best jam I've had, add to that probably the healthiest.

by Steve Simpson on My Jam
Pleasure without the Guilt

Both flavours of the jam get five stars for the taste but I really need another star to add because it also lacks the built of forcing a lot of processed sugar down your mouth. I love jam but avoid it because of the heavy sugar issue. This helps solve that problem. But also along the way, with a brilliant use of some unexpected flavours, they also take your pallet to some delightful, unexpected places. Also what is great is that it is not as sickly sweet as many jams and part of the journey off excessive sugar is the retuning of the pallet to more delicate flavours. This jam takes you on that journey.

by malin on My Jam
Delicious with a kick

I tried both flavors and they work so well both on toast and in porridge. My favorite part was the kick from the chili and ginger, so different from any other jams I tried before, absolutely delicious!

by Andy Adamson on My Jam
Great Jam - the new food...

It’s a great thing to see something new every so often and My Jam is my new discovery. This Jam responds to what I see as the “new food” – nutritious, no added sugar, gluten free and no artificial colourings or preservatives. It’s packed with fruit and a very tasty jam to-boot. Good to know its contributing to one of my 5 a day in a good way. Love this Jam!

by Antony on My Jam
Totally addicted!

Had to leave a review as I am totally addicted to the blueberry jam. Tangy and sweet and to top it off it's also healthy. What more could you want?

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