What We’re About – Wellbeing & Exploration

What We’re About – Wellbeing & Exploration

At the heart of My Jam are the following guiding Principles:  Wellbeing and Exploration.

Our Values

Healthier AND Yummier
We believe that eating healthier doesn’t necessarily mean bland, boring tasteless food. No Siree. We insist that YUMMY can also mean HEALTHY. Our jams are not only moreishly delicious (ask anyone!), but they contain no added sugar, no artificial colourings or preservatives, and we add 1 Superfood ingredient to each flavour. No compromises there then. So go on, spoil yourself!

Pushing the Boundaries of a Jar
Our love for adventure is hard to contain. We love uniqueness. We love to embrace all things different. And then we jar it. Our aim is to push the boundaries of what jarred food can be by combining flavours to bring to you a fusion of unique, mouth-watering tastiness!



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