“Food Blessing” Poem, by John Gordon

“Food Blessing” Poem, by John Gordon

Some months back prior to launching My Jam, I did some market research on the streets of Edinburgh. I have to admit I was kind of petrified at first, as I’m sure everyone would agree that the last thing people want to do is to be stopped and interrogated by some random person in the street when all you want to do is head home for a cuppa and get out of the cold, rainy, windy outdoors that was Scotland months back. Thankfully, so many people were kind enough to spare me their time, and gave me really insightful answers to pertinent questions that I had relating to all things jam. These people gave me such useful feedback which was eventually incorporated into the final product which is now My Jam! I’m so grateful to these guys! John Gordon was one of those people who kindly stopped to have a chat with me. When he later attended the Launch of My Jam he gave me a poem called “Food Blessing” which he wrote back in 1987, and which he thought might be appropriate for My Jam (given that on the website we have a Fruit Quotes area with inspirational quotes). I love this beautiful poem. I took a photo of the pieces of paper he gave me with the poem. Thank you John Gordon 🙂 (wherever you are online!)

Rise from the Earth, the Seed that dares

Rise from Within, the Soul that cares

Food from the Sun and the juices of Earth 

Health for our body, Nature’s Rebirth 

by John Gordon

Edinburgh, 1987

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